I’m a 23-year-old Journalism student with a huge passion for theatre. I grew up living in 4 different countries, which was fun but challenging. As a result, I never know how to answer the very common “where are you from?” question. Legally, I’m Austrian/Iranian. Technically, I’m Swiss (was born and raised in Switzerland until I was 8). Ethnically, I’m middle-eastern. Logically, I’m from London (as this is where I live and call ‘home’). Confusing! This means I can speak 3 languages though, which is rarely useful – but cool anyway. I speak English, Persian and French, if you wondered. I can understand basic German too, but that’s about it. I studied Biomedical Sciences at Queen Mary, University of London from 2009-2012 and graduated in July 2012 with a Bachelor of Science. I am now doing a short postgraduate course in Journalism, hoping to improve my writing skills and to eventually discover what I want to do with my life.

Lame as it may sound, I love boy-bands. Westlife and McFly are the two most-played ‘bands’ on my iTunes. I also find myself enjoying listening to some newer boy-bands (cough… One Direction… cough). Can’t help it. I’m a book-lover and read at least 40 pages a day. I also adore chocolate. I know everyone claims to love it, but I can literally eat 10 big bars of chocolate in one day and still feel fine. It can be quite dangerous, actually. As mentioned before, I spend most of my free time in various theatres across the country. So you may bump into me the next time you decide to see a show in the West End. If you do, of if you want to say any other random thing to me, follow me on Twitter and let’s talk! https://twitter.com/Sam4God

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