McFly – Greatest Hits Album REVIEW

It’s hard to believe it was nearly ten years ago when McFly stormed into the UK charts with their debut single ‘5 Colours in Her Hair’ which went straight to number 1. The band have had their ups and downs in the past decade, starting out signed to Universal records before creating their own independent label called Super records due to creative differences with Universal. They’ve had 5 studio albums and one ill-timed ‘Greatest Hits So Far’ album which they were forced to release by their previous label, Universal. But ten years on, they are back with Memory Lane: The Best of McFly, a compilation of what they themselves believe to be their best hits in their career. 
The deluxe edition has a huge track-list split onto 2 CDs, one full of their hit singles, the other including rare unreleased tracks, B-sides and early demos the band recorded. The band’s newly released song, ‘Love is Easy’ is just one of the songs on the album. Played on the ukelele by Tom Fletcher, this catchy song highlights what McFly is all about, with the music video taking fans on a journey from when the band was first started until now. 
Of course, all of their biggest hits are included too; ‘Obviously’ takes us back to the band’s early acoustic guitar-based days, ‘That Girl’ reminds us of their surfer/punk style of pop, ‘I’ll Be Ok’ is another number 1 single on the CD which was their first song from their  slightly more ‘mature’ second album, Wonderland. ‘All About You’, their best selling hit to date and the song the majority of the public associate McFly with, is also included. 
The album showcases the brilliant song-writing talents of both Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones. Many still refer to McFly as a ‘boyband’ which could misleadingly suggest they’re a manufactured typical group who don’t write their own songs. But McFly have been doing everything themselves, just like other bands not labeled with that tag. Their style of music is more similar to Green Day than One Direction. They have mentioned bands such as the Beatles and Green Day as their influences many times and this compilation shows it. It is a great introduction into the band’s discography if you still think McFly are only capable of soft pop songs such as the famous ‘All About You’. Listen to this album, and you may just be surprised – no boyband ever sounded like McFly.

Daddy Long Legs @ St. James Theatre – REVIEW

‘Daddy Long Legs’ based on the Jean Webster’s 1912 novel about an orphan girl and her mysterious benefactor is the second production staged at the newly opened St. James Theatre. Being a two-hander show, it is understandable to have doubts as to how it would work as a 2.5 hour long musical. However, despite there only being two actors on the stage for the duration of the show, they both manage to keep the audience interested and captivated from start to finish. Megan McGinnis as the orphan girl, ‘Jerusha Abbott’, has a beautiful voice that complements her innocent portrayal of the character. Her relationship with ‘Jervis Pendelton’ played by Robert Adelman Hancock although convincing, lacks sincerity from Hancock’s part. Perhaps it is the character itself, but Hancock’s performance is underwhelming compared to McGinnis’s who is the clear dominant actress in the show.

The songs, written by Paul Gordon have beautiful melodies and fit perfectly within the story. Unlike some other musicals where it sometimes feels like the actors randomly burst into a song for no reason other than to ‘make it a musical’, the songs in Daddy Long Legs never distract from the plot and instead, feel like a background addition to the story.

David Farely’s set is simple, only consisting of a a floor area with books and beds where McGinnis spends most of her stage time, and an upper deck with a library and office desk for Hancock. The story is told through a series of letters written by Jerusha to her anonymous benefactor Jervis, and projections are used to creatively show the dates and locations of her letters at the top of the wood panelling.
There are no obvious breaks between scenes, helping the story to flow wonderfully and making the audience feel as if they are part of Jerusha’s world.
One could argue that it is not a typical musical in the traditional sense, as there are no big dance numbers, flashy scene changes, or casual dialogue. But the show still manages to convey the positiveness and good-heartedness of Jersuha’s character in such a way that 2.5 hours almost feel too short and the desire to stay in her naive world is unavoidable.

This Is Me

Hi all. I’ve decided to start a new blog to post about my every day experiences and share my weirdest thoughts on. I’ve been blogging since 2005 and have changed blogs countless times, but this time I’m determined to stick to one and keep it updated. This of course, is just a hope though – who knows what will actually end up happening! But for now, the plan is to be an active blogger.

Right. Here’s a little bit about me before you all get bored and go search for viral videos of cats jumping off tables on YouTube.


Don’t let that picture deceive you by the way, I don’t always look that ‘glam’. It’s all about jeans and a hoodie for me! Comfort wins, always.

I’m 22 but I definitely feel a lot younger. I still crush on boy-band members, watch Disney films, and get excited about little things. I think I will always remain a child at heart, even when I’m a 90 year-old woman in a wheel-chair being read silly nursery rhymes by my grandchildren.

I am a University Graduate. That sounds cool to write, but really, it just means I went through 3 confusing years of not knowing why I was doing what I was doing which eventually led me to get a degree with which I don’t know what to do. I studied Biomedical Sciences at university and make no mistake, I enjoyed it… for the most part anyway. The problem was my naivety when applying to Uni. I finished college with a great set of A-levels and thought: “What do I like learning about and am quite naturally good at?” – the answer was science. Specifically, science that has to do with the human body, something I’ve found fascinating since an early age. However, enjoying learning about a subject does not necessarily equal enjoying working in a field related to that subject. Very quickly, I realised this was not where I wanted my future career plans to go and decided it was not the right degree for me. Despite that however, I finished the 3-year course with nothing but happy memories and came out with a Bachelor of Science (Bsc) in Biomedical Sciences from Queen Mary, University of London. Impressive? Maybe. Useful? Not so much.

Since I graduated in July 2012, I’ve been thinking of other potential career paths I’d like to take. I’ve always loved writing, reading and reviewing. My brother suggested I take a journalism course. I was a bit hesitant at first but decided to take a chance and I’ve been studying at the London School of Journalism since September 2012. It’s a post-graduate course mainly designed for people like myself, who already have an undergraduate degree but in an unrelated subject. I like the course so far – it’s definitely more in line with what I want to do as a job in the future.

I love theatre. ‘Love’ is probably an understatement. I adore theatre, it’s my favourite ‘thing’ in the world. I see shows all the time – at least once a week, usually more than that. I treat the theatre like most people treat the cinema or their own TVs. I see all sorts of different productions – from small scale fringe shows to touring productions to big flashy West End musicals. I find them all interesting and my dream is to one day, have the necessary skills and confidence to work in the theatre business. Not strictly as a performer on stage, but just to be part of a creative group that makes a show possible. I think that would be make me happiest. And happiness is important, right?

Sleep is something I rarely do properly. Most people are ‘normal’ enough to realise night-time means sleep. I, for some reason, find the opposite to be true. When most of my friends are getting ready for bed and tweeting ‘good night’ messages all over my Twitter homepage, that’s when I’m the most awake. Staying up till 5 or 6 am is the norm for me. Going to bed at 3 am is considered ‘early’ in my books. It’s weird and annoying, but unfortunately I’ve let my sleeping pattern get completely messed up in the past few years – and although I am constantly trying to improve it, it seems like a hidden little person in my head keeps wanting me to stay awake all night and sleep during the day (when I can).

I love books – actual physical books, not ‘imaginary’ ones (kindles? NO THANKS). I read about four books a month and sometimes, if the book moves me considerably, I feel the need to talk about it to other people and it results in me doing book reviews. I have a YouTube channel on which I post theatre reviews on a regular basis, but every now and then a ‘book review’ may appear on there – so if you like reading too, why not subscribe to my channel? It would make me happy and you can consider it as your good deed of the day. Karma and all that, eh? Here’s the link:

So that’s that. A few facts about me. If you find any of this interesting, then may I suggest you keep checking back for more regular blog posts. To be honest, you should read my blog even if you don’t find the ‘me’ described here interesting. You never know, I could end up doing something extremely crazy in the next few days – THAT would then make me interesting and you can then say you found me ‘before I went crazy’! Or just think of the whole karma thing again… 😉 Seriously though, thanks for reading. Try to have good lives until next time! Bye.